How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

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Many patients feel uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth, which can affect their self-esteem. Cosmetic dentistry techniques can improve your smile while making you feel great about your appearance.

After cosmetic dentistry work, you will feel like sharing your smile again. You will gain self-confidence and feel free to express yourself.

How Cosmetic Dental Procedures Can Help You

Improve Tooth Alignment

Many patients feel uncomfortable with crooked or gapped teeth. It may be that you did not have the opportunity to receive orthodontic work earlier in life and want to make a change as an adult. Our techniques can create a picture-perfect smile.

  • Invisalign®: This advanced method can straighten teeth, close gaps in your smile, and correct minor to moderate dental bite issues. Invisalign involves creating a custom series of medical-grade plastic aligners that gradually shift the teeth. Unlike braces, Invisalign is discreet, comfortable, and relatively quick.
  • Veneers: A dental veneer is a wafer-thin porcelain sheet that covers various cosmetic issues. For minor alignment issues like gapped teeth, veneers are a fast, one-step solution. They can also correct the appearance of slightly misshapen teeth or uneven lengths.

Remove Stains

Stained teeth can impact your self-image. You may avoid smiling or laughing in public, giving others the wrong impression.

  • Teeth Whitening: This safe technique uses peroxide gel to break down stains inside the tooth enamel. Patients have two options: in-office whitening and take-home whitening. In-office whitening provides stunning results in just one or two visits, while take-home whitening is more gradual but equally effective.
  • Microabrasion: The cosmetic dentist uses a gritty substance to gently polish away surface stains without damaging the enamel.
  • Veneers: Many patients who choose veneers are interested in whiter teeth. Porcelain veneers cover stains and are themselves highly stain-resistant.

Restore Broken and Chipped Teeth

If you have chips or breaks in your teeth, cosmetic and restorative techniques can combine to repair them.

  • Cosmetic Bonding: This technique uses a safe composite resin to shape and repair existing teeth. It is helpful for chips, cracks, and misshapen teeth.
  • Veneers: These multi-function appliances can also cover the appearance of minor chips and cracks.
  • Dental Crowns:  Crowns are often used in restorative dentistry but can also cover discolored teeth.

Replace Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are a concerning aesthetic issue and can also significantly impact oral health and wellness. Filling gaps in your smile can keep teeth from moving into the vacant space, causing further disruption.

  • Bridges: A dental bridge is made of one or more artificial teeth connected to crowns or implants on either side. Bridges correct gapped smiles and allow for better chewing function.
  • Dental Implants: These appliances help patients feel better about their smiles by replacing missing teeth. They have a dual cosmetic and therapeutic purpose.

Improving Your Self-Confidence Through Cosmetic Dentistry

You don't have to cover up your smile any longer. With cosmetic dentistry techniques, your dentist can show you many options for improving your teeth's appearance.

From teeth whitening to dental implants, your dentist is ready to help you feel happier with your smile. You will feel like sharing it with the world when you have a bright, complete, well-aligned smile. You will attract positive attention and make an excellent first impression.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

Are veneers permanent?

A thin enamel layer will be missing after the dentist prepares your teeth for veneers. Porcelain veneers last up to 10 years but may experience wear and tear. You will need to replace your veneers as they wear out to protect your teeth.

Why are my teeth turning yellow?

Teeth naturally turn yellow with age as the enamel wears down and the dentin underneath begins to show through. You may also experience yellow teeth due to a lack of proper oral hygiene. Staining foods can also cause yellow discoloration. Smoking is one of the most common causes of yellow stains.

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