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Invisalign Vs. Braces

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You may feel self-conscious about having crooked teeth. If you need orthodontic work, you may be curious about the differences between traditional braces and Invisalign.

Both systems can produce great results, but Invisalign has several distinct advantages over standard braces. Consider these points as you research orthodontic treatment:


With Invisalign, no one else needs to know that you are straightening your teeth. Many adults and teens dislike when others constantly comment on their braces. Invisalign allows you to keep your treatment private.

Comfort and Safety

Invisalign makes its aligners with strong, safe medical-grade plastic. There are no sharp brackets and wires to hurt the lips and cheeks, and you will not have to sit through uncomfortable adjustments. If your teen plays sports or is in the school band, it will not be hard to adapt to wearing Invisalign.

Fewer Appointments

With Invisalign, you must only see us approximately every six weeks. Compare this convenience to braces adjustments, which typically need to happen at least once a month. Fewer appointments save time and money.

Treatment Time

On average, Invisalign treatment takes between 12 and 18 months. 

Easier to Care For Your Teeth

Invisalign trays come out so you can care for your teeth. Brushing and flossing around braces is challenging, and many braces patients become prone to decay and gum disease.

No Food Restrictions

Since Invisalign comes out when you eat or drink, you do not have to restrict your diet as you would with braces. Enjoy your popcorn, candy, corn on the cob, and apples. Thoroughly clean your teeth and aligners, and put the aligners back in.

Choosing the Right Orthodontic Solution

When choosing a way to straighten your teeth, research your options fully. While Invisalign is an excellent orthodontic system for many patients, others may need traditional braces. Some of the conditions that indicate braces would be a better fit include the following:

  • Moderate to severe malocclusions
  • Moderate to severe bite problems
  • Children who are still growing or who have not gotten all of their permanent teeth

During your Invisalign consultation, the dentist will examine your teeth and let you know whether the system is appropriate in your case or whether you may need another form of treatment.

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Straightening your teeth doesn’t have to be an imposition on your life. You can enjoy a gorgeous new smile without the hassle of traditional braces. If you want to learn what Invisalign can do to improve your smile, call our Rapid City, SD, office at 605-343-9352 to schedule a consultation. We can show you how Invisalign can improve the way you look and feel.